_EP: 08

EP 8: Of Condors And Caravans

Fernando defies Pinochet's labor camps, resurfacing in sunny California. In a stunning twist, Stafford mingles with rockstars. In Chile, Pinochet's spymaster weaves a nefarious plot, the rhythm of his ambition matched only by the hum of computers and telexes.

_Episode Notes

06 : 49 "He dies"

See Calle Santa Fe. Directed by Carmen Castillo, Les Films d’Ici, Parox S.A., 2007. It's an excellent documentary by Carmen Castillo, who was Enriquez's pregnant partner at the time. It's available here. Also see Mario Amorós's excellent biography of Enríquez: Amorós, Mario. Miguel Enríquez: Un nombre en las estrellas. Biografía de un revolucionario. Chile, Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial Chile, 2019.

08 : 37 "Here's what he writes"

I'd like to thank Sonia Mordojovic for kindly sharing Stafford's private letters to her with me. 

09 : 06 "deliver an important lecture"

Published in Beer, Stafford. "Cybernetics of National Development", in Leonard, Allenna & Harnden, Roger (eds.) How Many Grapes Went Into the Wine: Stafford Beer on the Art and Science of Holistic Management. United Kingdom, Wiley, 1994, pp. 317—40.

10 : 53 "the "brick" in English"

For more on The Brick and the Chicago Boys, see this interesting article: Clark, Timothy. "Rethinking Chile's 'Chicago Boys': Neoliberal Technocrats or Revolutionary Vanguard?" Third World Quarterly, vol. 38, no. 6, Taylor and Francis, Jan. 2017, pp. 1350–65. Available here.

14 : 39 "they take him to Villa Grimaldi"

On Villa Grimaldi, see Aguilar, Mario I. "The Ethnography of the Villa Grimaldi in Pinochet’s Chile: From Public Landscape to Secret Detention Centre (1973-1980)." Iberoamericana, June 2014, available here. and Baxter, Victoria K. "Civil Society Promotion of Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation in Chile: Villa Grimaldi." Peace & Change, vol. 30, no. 1, Wiley-Blackwell, Jan. 2005, pp. 120–36, available here.

16 : 00 "one of the main advisers to Pinochet"

This is Jaime Guzmán Errázuriz, one of Chile's most controversial political figures (he was assassinated in 1991).

24 : 36 "the birth of Operation Condor"

On Operation Condor see, Lessa, Francesca. The Condor Trials: Transnational Repression and Human Rights in South America. United States, Yale University Press.; McSherry, J. Patrice. Predatory States: Operation Condor and Covert War in Latin America. United Kingdom, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Incorporated, 2005; Dinges, John. The Condor Years: How Pinochet and His Allies Brought Terrorism to Three Continents. United Kingdom, New Press, 2005; and the updated Spanish edition: Dinges, John. Los años del Cóndor. Chile, Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial Chile, 2021.

29 : 12 "he's even writing articles about it"

See Letelier, Orlando. "The 'Chicago Boys' in Chile: Economic Freedom's Awful Toll." The Nation, Aug. 1976, pp. 137-42, available here.

29 : 55 "gruesome details of that assassination"

A full account of the Letelier assassination can be found in McPherson, Alan. Ghosts of Sheridan Circle: How a Washington Assassination Brought Pinochet's Terror State to Justice. United States, University of North Carolina Press, 2019.

31 : 51 "one of the leaders alongside Letelier"

The Leteleir-Allende correspondence as well as the Anderson connection are discussed in Harmer, Tanya. Beatriz Allende: A Revolutionary Life in Cold War Latin America. United States, University of North Carolina Press, 2020, p. 246.

35 : 43 "writes rather sheepishly"

Eno, Brian. Letter to Stafford Beer. November 29, 1975. Stafford Beer collection, Challenge to Paradigm Box (unnumbered), Liverpool.

44 : 01 "writes to his boss"

See Shlaudeman, Harry W. "ARA Monthly Report (July) The 'Third World War' and South America." United States, Department of State, Washington, August 3, 1976 available here.

50 : 28 "encryption equipment from a firm in Switzerland"

See our interview with Alcides Eduardo dos Reis Peron and also this article Brustolin, Vitelio Marcos, et al. "Exploring the Relationship Between Crypto AG and the CIA in the Use of Rigged Encryption Machines for Espionage in Brazil." Cambridge Review of International Affairs, vol. 36, no. 1, Taylor and Francis, Nov. 2020, pp. 54–87, available here.

50 : 53 "I had a chat with Jack Zipes"

Jack Zipes has edited an anthology containing some of the most interesting examples of this tale: Zipes, Jack (ed.) The Sorcerer's Apprentice: An Anthology of Magical Tales. United Kingdom, Princeton University Press, 2019.

66 : 06 "We're going to be rich"

This was related to me by Fernando's friend Bernardo Andrews. 

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