Gloria Gillott

On Stafford Beer's career at SIGMA and IPC, his personality, leadership style, and industry projects undertaken by SIGMA.


Gloria Gillott, who pursued a career in operational research, was one of the few women to join Sigma, Stafford Beer's consulting company. Now pursuing a second career in creative writing, Gillott shares her experiences at Sigma. In the interview conducted on September 10, 2021, we discuss Beer's personality, his leadership style, and some of the projects tackled by Sigma.


Evgeny: Could you introduce yourself?

Gloria: My name is Gloria Gillott, and I am currently living in two places - Cambridge and the West Midlands. As for my education, I have a degree in mathematics, specializing in operational research  and symbolic logic. This background led me to work for Stafford. Before that, I taught for one term in Dulwich after graduating and also got married.


Evgeny: How did you end up working at Sigma ?

Gloria: One Sunday, I saw an advertisement in the Observer magazine for senior operational research men. I wrote to the managing director, asking about junior operational research positions for women. I was immediately invited for an interview. During the interview, I met Stafford, and within half an hour, he offered me a job. I accepted the offer and began work a couple of weeks later.