3. The Bush-Allende encounter in New York

For much of Allende's presidency, the future president George H.W. Bush served as the US Ambassador to the United Nations. That brought him in contact with Salvador Allende's during the latter's 1972 trip to New York City. (For a selection of photos from Bush's time at the UN, see here). 

The Ambassador Bush addresses a public rally in 1972. 


Interestingly, Bush would go on to direct the Central Intelligence Agency, which did have its own grudges against Allende. He was presiding over the agency when the much-expected results of congressional investigations into the possible abuses of power at the agency were released. Bush was not exactly cooperating when the Justice Department began looking into the role played by one of his predecessors (and a major player in the Chilean drama) Richard Helms. As a result, he refused to declassify some of the documents sought by the investigators. 

AP video of Allende arriving in New York during the 1972 trip. 

As for Allende's address at the United Nations, you can watch it in its entirey - in Spanish - below. A partial English translation of the speech is available here

Salvador Allende speaking at the UN in December, 1972.

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