3. Brazil & the coup

Brazil had been involved in various activities throughout Allende's presidency. Many of its businesspeople and elites were complicit in bolstering his opposition in Chile, providing substantial resources and training. They would dispatch planes filled with businesspeople to Chile to advise Chilean entrepreneurs on how to counter Allende, emulating the tactics Brazilian businesspeople used to oppose their own president, João Goulart, in the lead-up to the coup of 1964.

These activities were primarily orchestrated by the Brazilian ambassador to Chile, who played an active role. He was notably generous, even offering the office space of the embassy to members of the far-right Patria y Libertad movement, effectively transforming it into a planning ground for the opposition to Allende.

An Oct 1973 report from the Brazilian diplomats on the activities of the country's intelligence services in Pinochet's repression


When the coup occurred, it was Brazil that swiftly recognized Pinochet's regime as legitimate, triggering excitement and celebration in Washington. Brazil then sent its own military officers and police to interrogate the Brazilian leftists who had been rounded up and taken to the national stadium. These individuals likely aided with the techniques and methods, as Brazil had undergone a similar "clean-up operation" after its own coup.

Predictably, Brazil remained extremely supportive of Pinochet's regime in the early stages of the regime. 

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