2. Bombing of La Moneda

For many, it was unthinkable that the Chilean armed forces would resort to bombing the presidential palace, La Moneda - a historic building and a symbol of the Chilean state and constitution. Perhaps this could have been avoided had Allende agreed to surrender and accept the offer to leave the country with his family on a military plane.

Footage of the bombing.

However, subsequent transcriptions of communications between military officers suggest that there were never plans to let him escape. The plane, it was hinted, would likely have been shot down, citing some contrived technical failure as the cause. 

Wath the aftermath of the bombing.

The bombardment of La Moneda, though brief, caused significant destruction within the palace. Missiles shot at the building resulted in substantial damage and a thick cloud of smoke that required the use of gas masks. As these were scarce, it led to a sense of panic within the palace. Before the attack, negotiations had taken place to evacuate the women from the palace. After the jets attacked, it became painfully clear to many that Allende's cause was irrevocably lost.

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